Wine vats rout


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Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac Natural Park

Road of Terrassa a Navarcles, km 14,8

08230 Matadepera

Tel. 938317300

When 150 years ago the region of Bages was practically covered with vineyards, the distance, the difficulties, the risks and the additional cost of transporting the harvest to the farms caused the vats to be built in the vineyards themselves. This is the case of the Flequer valley, where a simple circular route with few gradients allows you to discover some spectacular constructions.


Distance: 3 km

Duration: 2h 30min

Minimum altitude: 269 m

Maximum altitude: 348 m

Unevenness: 153 m

Difficulty: Easy

Time of the year: All the year

Point of departure: Parking road BV-1124, km 4,2. On the C-16 highway, exit at Pont de Vilomara. Cross this town and continue towards Rocafort, until you find the turnoff to Oristrell, where the car park is.


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Les Casas de Matamargó


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Tel. 606436666 / 973473213

Les Casas de Matamargó is a house-museum, a space of cultural interest that aims to show the public the experiences of a manor house that has existed since 1280, through different exhibition rooms.

The House-Museum consists of 15 exhibition rooms, with a total of 700 square meters. The tour is accompanied by a guide who explains the various stories and anecdotes that have been preserved over the years, as well as the operation of the tools and instruments that we keep finding. The visit is complemented by a tasting of local products at “La Botiga”.

Pedra Seca Itineraries

Sant Joan de Vilatorrada Itinerary

A short walk through the southernmost part of the municipality allows you to discover an interesting set of old huts and dry stone walls, witnesses of the occupation of the vineyard throughout the area.

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Monistrol de Calders Itinerary

Interesting route through Monistrole’s rural heritage that passes through the old town, the elm, the dolmen of the Pla de Trullàs, the Mas de Casanova and the Codro Gros.

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Sant Fruitós – Sant Benet Landscape path

This path of great scenic beauty is the historic route that, with just over 3 kilometers, connects the center of Sant Fruitós with the Monastery of Sant Benet.

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