The regulatory council

Recognition of the quality of our region’s wines came in 1995 with the creation of the Pla de Bages Denomination of Origin, which spurred a new resurgence.

Among the wineries that today make up the DO are lineages of winegrowers, century-old cooperatives and small family projects. One of the most remarkable collective achievements is the promotion of the native varieties of the territory, such as black and white picapoll, sumoll and mandó.



Mr. Joan Soler Playà


Mr. Ramon Codina Comellas

Mr. Jesus Fonts Bosch

Mr. Jordi Crusellas Alberch

Mr. Mario Monrós Ciuró

Mr. Carles Playà Maset

Mr. Joaquim Fargas Fargas

Mr. Ramon Roqueta Sagalés

Mr. Josep Solergibert Serra

Mr. Francesc Margenat Trias

Mr. Xavier Agell Tuser

Mrs. Teresa Costa Francitorra

Technician oenologist

Mr. Miquel Palau Núñez

Secretary of the Regulatory Council, of the Tasting Committee and the Electoral Board

Mrs. Eva Farré Fustagueras


Tasting committee

Mr. Jaume Pont Alegre (coordinador)

Mrs. Pilar Garcia Comas

Mr. Josep Pelegrín Comellas

Mr. Jaume Pons Zamora

Mr. Joan Sala Pellarès

Mr. Joan Francesc Baltiérrez Alier

Mr. Albert Gonzalo Dellerès

Mrs. Sílvia Culell Vilanova
Mrs. Anna Castillo Poza
Mrs. Irene Cozas Prieto


Specifications of the Protected Designation of Origin Pla de Bages

OD Pla de Bages specifications

ARP/61/2006, 17th february, OD Pla de Bages regulations approved

474/2004, of 28 December, which develops Law 15/2202, of 27 June, on wine management.

LAW 24/2003, of July 10, on Vine and Wine.
Published in the BOE on Friday, July 11, 2003

LAW 15/2002, of 27 June, on wine management (“BOE” 177, of 25/7/2002)
Published in the “Official Gazette of the Generalitat de Catalunya” number 3673, of July 9, 2002

AAR / 251/2007, of 4 July, by which regulates the control of the viticultural production by means of the only viticultural card.