08279 Santa Maria d’Horta d’Avinyó
Barcelona (Spain)
T 93 874 35 11



  • Guided tour of the winery with wine tasting (visiting the 12th century farmhouse, the vineyard and the current winery)
  • The Route of the vineyard huts
  • Gourmet visit
  • The Silence between Vineyards
  • Wine Bar
  • Activities for groups
  • Themed tastings

With more than 8 centuries of history, Abadal is a family-run winery created with the aim of producing wines that express the uniqueness of its landscape: vineyards in terraces surrounded by forest, unique traditional varieties -Picapoll and Mandó as the main exponents- and clay soil with strong stoney presence. As part of its commitment to the territory and it’s differentiation and identity, Abadal works to strengthen the wine tradition of the Bages region through innovation and modernity.

With the objective of conveying the soul and authenticity of its wines, Abadal offers local wine tourism experiences, to enjoy the wine, the landscape, the gastronomy and good company. Among them, the Route of the vineyards stands out with its breakfast and the Gourmet Visit.